Three Reasons Small Bakeries Should Use A Deck Oven Instead Of A Convection Oven

One of the toughest decisions small bakery owners have to make is deciding which type of oven they should purchase. Convection ovens and deck ovens both have several benefits. However, if you have limited kitchen space, purchasing both probably isn't an option. Before you invest in an oven for your bakery, discover how purchasing a deck oven instead of a convection oven can benefit your business.

More Control

Convection ovens use a fan to blow heat into the oven cavity. While this helps ensure that your products are heating evenly throughout, it isn't ideal because you can't control the temperature of the top and bottom heat individually. This makes it difficult to bake products such as quiches that have cripsy bottoms and perfectly baked tops or tarts with a pale bottom and golden top. Deck ovens have separate top and bottom heating elements, allowing you to control the intensity of the heat both from both directions.

Cooler Kitchen

When you own a small bakery and use a convection oven, you'll learn take the saying "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen" literally. Every time you open a convection oven's door, a blast of hot air fills the kitchen. This isn't a huge problem for larger bakeries with huge kitchens, but it can make a small kitchen real hot, real quick. Deck ovens use heating elements instead of fans, so the heat from the oven stays in the oven when the door is open keeping your kitchen cooler.

Produce Multiple Products

By transferring heat into the oven by fan, convection ovens bake products faster than deck ovens. While faster production is a huge benefit, it's better suited for larger bakeries that have room for multiple ovens, and a need to produce a vast amounts of the same item each day.

Even though the actual cook time of your baked goods may increase slightly by using a deck oven, it's versatility decreases your production time. Deck ovens have multiple decks, each with its own temperature controls. This allows you to bake multiple products at once, which is ideal for small bakeries that offer a variety of products in smaller quantities.

All bakeries need a good oven, and it's one of the most important investments that bakery makes. Deck ovens and convection ovens benefit bakeries in different ways. So, it's not surprising that so many owners have a hard time deciding between the two. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make, but if you want an oven that gives you more control and offers more versatility, a deck oven is the best option. Contact an outlet, such as American Baking System, to see how they can best help fulfill your needs.