How Water Damage Can Get You Sued

Water damage isn't something anyone wants to deal with. When it happens in your business, it's even more frustrating. Aside from the financial costs of repairing water damage, the effects of flooding and other problems can even create a legal liability for your company. Here are three ways water damage can lead to lawsuits against you and your business.

Mold Can Make Your Employees Ill

Mold loves damp spaces. Immune systems hate mold. In fact, mold can do so much damage to a person's immune system that it can cause symptoms such as severe allergic reactions, asthma attacks, rashes, and even pneumonia.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration guarantees a safe work environment for employees in the United States. In the past, workers have sued employers for exposing them to mold. If they are hospitalized for mold-related issues, worker's compensation suits can be filed and other legal means can be pursued against employers.

Businesses should always be on the lookout for signs of water damage to prevent mold from growing.

Your Neighbors and Tenants Can Sue for Property Damage

If you own an office building and rent out space to other businesses, you may also be on the hook for water damage. If any equipment is damaged due to lack of waterproofing, you could be sued for losses. This may even include water damage that prevents the business from operating.

While flood insurance may mitigate these costs, your insurance rates will still rise due to these types of claims. It is better to make sure you've invested in some proper industrial waterproofing beforehand.

Water Damage Can Injure or Kill People

Water damage can also lead to more serious consequences. If roofs, floors, or balconies have been neglected for too long, water damage can cause wood to begin warping or rotting. This compromises the structural integrity of the building.

Sadly, such negligence has led to deaths in the past. One company was even sued after the collapse of a balcony was linked to poor waterproofing. This collapse resulted in the deaths of six people.

If part of a building you own collapses due to lack of proper waterproofing, you could be on the line for a heavy lawsuit or even jail time.

The best way to avoid lawsuits for water damage is hiring an industrial waterproofing company to examine the premises. A professional waterproofing company like RSR Industrial Coatings Inc will make sure that your building is sealed and safe from water.