Avoiding Mistakes With Door Lite Frame Kits: 4 Tips

If you're considering a door lite frame kit to replace a door in your house, you may be eager to find a frame kit and get started. However, before you ever open the kit, it's important that you know about common installation mistakes that could not only affect how your project goes but also how the door fares throughout the years. Which mistakes are avoidable?

Choosing a Door Incompatible With Your Home and Lifestyle

While all frame kits can be installed successfully, it's important to pick a frame that aligns best with the way your family lives. For example, make a point of choosing vinyl or another low-maintenance material for your lite frame kit if the door will be facing a lot of sun or there's a chance that scuffing could happen because of a pet. Vinyl can handle extreme temperatures and is easily cleaned. If your home has wood doors throughout, you might instead opt for a wood door so that it matches all the other doors inside the house.

Measure the Frame, Not the Old Door

When selecting the frame kit, some property owners measure the old door and use that as a guide for buying. However, that could cause installation challenges. Instead, you should be measuring the door frame when selecting a door and lite frame kit.

Overdoing It With Screws

When you're working on the installation, you might be eager to screw every screw very tightly. However, if you overdo it, you could add too much tension to the door. That could, over time, affect how the door hangs. Therefore, screw each screw in until it's secure, but try to avoid overscrewing.

Don't Align the Frame With Floor

It's vital that you hang the frame level so that jambs and hinges aren't hanging at an angle, a problem that will reveal itself over time. For that reason, you may be using the floor as your guide and you might want to line up the door frame to the floor. You may think the floor is perfectly level, but that isn't always the case. Instead, use a leveler tool or use the wall as a guide instead so that your frame kit can be put in properly.

Lite frame door kits can enable you to install your own doors. Avoiding door installation errors like these can ensure the job goes smoothly and your new door hangs well for a long while.