An In-Depth Guide To Picking Outdoor Step Handrails

Outdoor stairs are associated with many hazards. Most of these are fall-related and result in soft tissue damage, lacerations, and broken bones. In extreme cases, falling down a flight of outdoor stairs can cause serious conditions like traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. Also, such incidents often leave behind mental trauma. Fortunately, you can boost safety on your property by installing handrails. Keep reading to learn more about outdoor step handrails and tips on what to consider while picking suitable ones for specific applications.

What Are Outdoor Step Handrails?

Outdoor step handrails are components added to outdoor stairs to help people ascend or descend safely. In a nutshell, you hold onto these handrails for support when going up or down outdoor steps, which is vital, especially during harsh weather when conditions are slippery and hazardous. Generally, a good handrail should be stable and provide a continuous guide on all outdoor steps. That way, it guarantees you, other household members, and guests don't fall off the side of the staircase. And if there's any chance of that happening, the outdoor step handrails should be strong enough to withstand any impact without breaking, especially when a person pushes or crashes into it.

Important Factors to Consider when Choosing Outdoor Step Handrails

Here are several tips to help you pick suitable outdoor step handrails:

1.       Material used

Outdoor step handrails are made from different materials, including wood, metal, and wrought iron. Some of the most durable outdoor step handrails are made using aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. Manufacturers also offer pre-engineered metal products that you can install on your steps without welding. On the other hand, installing outdoor step handrails made from wood is better if you have a wooden porch railing or deck. A wooden guardrail can serve you well for a long time with proper sealing and frequent refinishing. Lastly, wrought iron stair handrails are mostly preferred by property owners who want to add vintage charm on different structures, be it homes or commercial buildings.

2.       Design

Comparing different handrail designs available today is the best way to pick functional and aesthetically-pleasing products. This aspect covers various facets of outdoor step handrails, including the number of steps on the stairs, color, and installation location. First, most railings available on the market factor in the number of steps. That means if your outdoor staircase has two of them, there are handrails designed to fit efficiently. In addition, you can choose a product depending on color when you want to make a visual statement. Finally, while purchasing outdoor step handrails, use the installation location to guide your decision. For instance, kitchen steps will need different railing compared to stairs used to go down a garden path.

Contact a manufacturer of outdoor step handrails for more information.