2 Advantages Of Choosing Ball Drive Rotary Tables Over Worm Drive For Your Factory's Metal Fabrication Stations

While setting up workstations for the metalworkers in your factory, you may have come to the conclusion that you need a rotary table for each area to help make the tasks of cutting and drilling into metal pieces more manageable and more efficient. While looking at the various options, you may have already narrowed down your choices between ball drive and worm drive tables.

Although both types of tables will do the job, those with a ball drive have an edge over a worm drive. Below are a couple of the advantages of choosing ball drive rotary tables over worm drive varieties for your factory's metal fabrication stations.

1. Ball Drive Rotary Tables Allow the Metalworkers to Precisely Position Them So They Can More Accurately Drill and Cut the Pieces

One advantage ball drive tables have over worm drive is that the former allows for easier, more precise positioning. Because of the extra gears and belts in the worm drive tables, having the metal pieces hold their positions without slipping can be somewhat of a challenge.

However, ball drives give the workers tighter control over the exact positions on both the vertical and horizontal axes. This precision allows the workers to more accurately drill and cut the pieces to cut down on errors and waste.

2. Ball Drive Tables Have Fewer Parts than Worm Drive Tables, Causing Fewer Breakdowns and Requiring Little Maintenance

Another advantage ball drive tables have over their worm drive counterparts is that they have fewer parts. Since worm drive tables have gears that can wear down and belts that can break, they are more prone to breakdowns and will require more downtime for maintenance.

However, because the ball drive tables do not have these extra parts, there is a greatly decreased chance of breakdowns. They also require little maintenance, allowing them to be accessible more often without needing to shut down production periodically.

When it comes time to build a workstation for your factory's metalworkers, consider incorporating a ball drive over a worm drive table. The ball drive table allows the workers to precisely position the metal pieces for more accurate drilling and cutting as well as has fewer parts that can break down and require excessive maintenance such as the worm drive has. For more information, contact an industrial supply company that offers rotary tables. A member of their staff will help you pick the right equipment for your needs.