2 Benefits Of Opting For Acrylic Printing Over Other Types Of Prints

Today, more people are adopting the use of prints to display photos and artwork in their homes, galleries, and museums. As a result, several types of prints have gained popularity over the last decade among photography and art lovers. 

The most common types of prints include: 

  • Metal prints
  • Glass prints
  • Acrylic prints
  • Canvas prints 

Though all the above are ideal options, people tend to favor different prints for various reasons. For instance, people on a tight budget may favor canvas prints because they are affordable. At the same time, metal prints are popular because of their durability. 

However, many people shy away from acrylic prints because they are expensive. But, if you consider the tremendous benefits of acrylic printing, you realize they are worth the extra cost. Hence, here are two benefits of opting for acrylic printing over other types of prints. 

1. Deeper, Richer, and More Vibrant Colors 

Unless you are an expert in art and photography, noticing the different color gamuts on print materials is a challenge. Even though different print materials may provide identical pictures, some print materials give more color and detail than others. 

For instance, printing an image on a metal sheet may provide brighter colors than on a canvas. However, as far as depth and vibrancy go, no print material can match an acrylic print. Thus, even if metal and acrylic prints bear similar images, an acrylic print has more depth and vibrancy than a metal print. 

Besides, acrylic prints have the deepest black nuances compared to other prints. They also have a 3-D effect when you view them up close because they come encased in plexiglass. 

Hence, acrylic printing is your best bet if you want your photos or artwork to pop with vibrancy. 

2. Good Durability 

As far as durability goes, metal prints have the longest lifespan. However, acrylic prints are more durable than canvas, wood, and glass prints. 

For instance:

  • Canvas prints are susceptible to water damage
  • Glass prints are susceptible to cracking or shattering
  • Metal prints are prone to fading when exposed to ultraviolet radiation 

But acrylic prints are immune to all the above factors. As a result, you can hang an acrylic print in humid environments or under direct sunlight, and these conditions will not affect the image. Furthermore, even if you drop an acrylic print, there are minimal chances of damage because it can absorb the impact force. 

Hence, opt for acrylic printing if you want a print that won't fade or incur damage due to exposure to the elements. 

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