Pipe Fabrication Is The Solution When You Need Custom Pipes For Your Project

If you're planning a project that requires custom piping, look into pipe fabrication. You can have pipes made to the specific lengths you need and joined together by welding or bent when possible to avoid joints. A lot of steps go into pipe fabrication. Here are some of them.

Create The Plan

Coming up with a plan for how many pipes you need, how they're to be joined together, and what size the pipes should be is an important step in pipe fabrication. This involves a lot of analysis on your project site, and then a virtual mock-up can be made for you to approve.

The virtual piping system acts as blueprints that contain the size of the pipes and the path they create when joined so the workers know exactly how to proceed with building your pipes. The timeline is also established for each step in the fabrication process so your pipes can be tracked as they go through various stages to make sure the fabrication work stays on schedule.

Begin The Work

Pipe fabrication can be done in a factory or in the field at your project site. Having the work done in the shop is less expensive and the best option unless fieldwork is required.

The pipes are cut to the desired lengths using pipe-cutting machines. Depending on the length and type of pipe, they may be fed through bending machines to make the pipes curve. When a bending machine isn't suitable, the pipes are fitted together with elbows and welded to fuse the metal so the pipes have a strong seal.

After the pipes are made, they're tested to make sure they've been constructed properly and don't have any weak areas or leaks.

Paint The Pipes

Before the pipes are shipped out, the final step is painting. They may sandblast the pipes first to clean them and then apply the paint so the metal has a long life and so the pipes have an attractive appearance if they'll be exposed.

After the pipes are fabricated and painted, they're ready for your project. The fabrication company will probably transport the pipes to your job site using their trucks so they arrive safely.

Since there are many steps involved in designing, fabricating, and testing pipes, be sure to allow plenty of time for the work to be complete and to get your pipes delivered. When you have your consultation with the pipe fabrication company, find out how long your project will take, how much it will cost, and what is included in the price. 

For more information about pipe fabrication, contact a local company.