The Benefits of Aluminum Gooseneck Bodies for Your Fleet

Are you looking to upgrade your fleet with new commercial vehicles and trailers? Do you need to start hauling heavier loads than what your current trailers are capable of? One option might be to seek out custom truck bodies that are designed for your fleet's specific needs. Here's why your company might want to contact a provider of aluminum gooseneck bodies in order to take your trucking business to the next level.

Gooseneck Bodies Distribute Weight Differently

A conventional trailer typically uses a hitch on the back of the truck, although this can put a limit on the weight of the payload if you want the vehicle to still be safe to drive. A gooseneck truck body distributes the weight over the rear axle of the vehicle. This weight distribution allows you to haul a heavier payload than you otherwise would be able to.

Gooseneck Bodies Are Safer

Because of this unique weight distribution over the rear axle, your driver will be able to keep the vehicle more stable as it moves down the road. Stability and safety can be absolutely critical when trying to haul something especially heavy or an oversized load. If you were to try and haul something especially large or heavy on a traditional hitch setup, you might have the payload swaying back and forth behind you, and that's obviously not good. A safer truck body setup keeps your drivers safe on the road and can help prevent an accident that might leave your company liable for damages.

Make Tighter Turns

Drivers need to know what they are doing to get a trailer or payload around a bend or a tight corner. A gooseneck body can help the vehicle and payload to remain more nimble and maneuverable out on the road. You may find it easier to steer the vehicle into a tight spot or make a quick turnaround without fear of losing the payload or having it sway out of control.

Aluminum Is for the Long Haul

When selecting a gooseneck body for your next vehicle, you'll want to also pick the type of material to craft it out of. You can't go wrong with aluminum as the material can stand up to the elements and keep corrosion and rust at bay. With proper care and cleaning, your new aluminum gooseneck truck body should serve your company well for many years to come. Contact a provider of gooseneck truck bodies to discuss your fleet's specific needs.