3 Key Benefits Of Metal Fabrication You Should Know

Many people don't think about metal fabrication, but it has a lot to offer. Fabricated metal parts can be used to make all sorts of things in various industries, from machinery manufacturing to automobile production. Here are some benefits of metal fabrication. 1. Increases Production Speed and Efficiency Metal fabrication speeds up the production of different metals and alloys. It allows for more efficient use of time, energy, and raw materials. [Read More]

Avoiding Mistakes With Door Lite Frame Kits: 4 Tips

If you're considering a door lite frame kit to replace a door in your house, you may be eager to find a frame kit and get started. However, before you ever open the kit, it's important that you know about common installation mistakes that could not only affect how your project goes but also how the door fares throughout the years. Which mistakes are avoidable? Choosing a Door Incompatible With Your Home and Lifestyle [Read More]

4 Points On A Crane That Should Be Inspected Prior To Each Use

Cranes are massive machines engaged almost daily to lift and move literally tons of items and objects. They cannot be left to simply sit and wait to be used, used, and then left to sit some more. They have to be inspected -- preferably prior to every use. That is due to the fact that cranes, should they suddenly falter and drop their loads, could kill or severely injure anyone who is within range of the falling items/loads. [Read More]

How Much Scrap Is in Your Computer?

Are you upgrading to a new computer, or getting rid of some old, broken systems that are beyond repair? Recycling is important, but it's hard to know the worth of enclosed systems like computers unless you know how they're put together. Here's a few recycling points inside computers to help you figure out what can be recovered. Computer-Case Recycling Although computer cases are often covered in plastic to make appealing shapes, the case itself and underlying framework is usually made out of metal. [Read More]